Reflecto Duo

Reflecto Duo provides dual layer and dual axes protection for your homeopathic medicines.

Great performance in harsh environment and strong electromagnetic pollution.

Reflecto Duo

Reflecto Duo has a the same high degree of attenuation of electromagnetic energy. It is as soft, flexible and strong protection case as Reflecto Classic. The dual layer protection is perfect for use in places with strong electromagnetic pollution.

For those who do not compromise, those who travel a lot and those with many electronic devices with wireless communication at home. Protect the most important!

If your homeopathic medicines are still not protected from the electromagnetic waves see how you can purchase Reflecto Duo.

Dimentions 120 x 65 x 15 mm (+/- 10 mm)
Temperatures -30°C to +70°C
Max. capacity for liquid medicines Up to 2 bottles
Max. capacity for non-liquid medicines Up to 5 packages
Color Black
Fabric textile base PES 83 dtex
Fabric metal thread 0.050 mm Cu & Sn
Attenuation (protective properties) at frequencies 0.03 GHz – 1 GHz 50-80 dB (99,999%-99,999999%)
Attenuation (protective properties) at frequencies 1 GHz – 18 GHz 30-60 dB (99,9%-99,9999%)