Why Reflecto?

Reflecto has a high degree of attenuation of electromagnetic energy. It is a soft, flexible and strong protection case build for carrying homeopathy medicines. The case has high resistance to external influences and good hygienic properties.

Test results of samples of the fabric of Reflecto shows great attenuation rate for different frequency ranges from 40 to 70 dB. The fabric has screening ability when the waves are polarized parallel to the embedded metal strip over 60 dB (1 000 000 times).

Reflecto bags will protect your precious medicines!

We are constantly trying to keep pace with innovations and strive for improvement. With the advancement of technology we increasingly use modern equipment to facilitate our daily lives, at work, at home and even at leisure. Such devices are computers, mobile phones, tablets, WiFi and Bluetooth devices, base stations and antennas, radar systems, radio and television transmitters and many, many more. All of them use electromagnetic communication via electromagnetic waves. All of them have harmful electromagnetic radiation, of which we are imperceptibly exposed without being aware of it.

Electromagnetic protection

Sources of electromagnetic radiation are superimposed on each other in space and form a so-called electromagnetic pollution or Electrosmog. Electrosmog is bad for living tissues and human body. Luckily we manage to handle the electromagnetic pollution and our bodies recover in the less intensive periods of time.

Unfortunately homeopathic medicines are much more vulnerable. A couple of minutes on a strong sunshine or near a mobile phone can cause hard damages of the medicines.

Electromagnetic protection

Elegant design | Light and easy to carry | Safe innovation (no harmful materials are used)

This is where Reflecto helps!

Just put your homeopathic medicines in Reflecto bags and they are well protected from the electromagnetic pollution and sunshine.

Compared to other environmental factors the electromagnetic pollution is the first in level of intensity and level of harm to humans and objects. Estimations made by experts show that electromagnetic pollution is the cause of the occurrence of about 30% of all diseases. Specific subjective sensations associated with high exposure to electromagnetic pollution are: rapid fatigue, headache, dizziness, nausea, visual disturbances, decreased sexual activity, malaise, irritability, memory loss, sleep disorders and other.