Reflecto – Electromagnetic Protection

We can not see, hear, smell or touch electromagnetic waves, but they exist in our daily lives without us unaware of this and fill the space around us. They can be identified and measured. They harm your homeopathic medicines.

Reflecto bags will protect your precious medicines!

Electromagnetic protection

Elegant design | Light and easy to carry | Safe innovation (no harmful materials are used)

Keep and carry your homeopathic medicines in Reflecto bags.

Electromagnetic protection

Reflecto will make your homeopathic medicines more protected from the electromagnetic pollution and sunshine.

The special fabric that Reflecto bags are made from reflect the waves. You can see the attenuation qualities of the fabric in the full test report for one layer and the full test report for two layers from the German independent laboratory EMCCons DR. Rasek GmBH & Co. KG. Keep in mind that the most common frequencies in the modern city life vary between 0.5 GHz and 5 GHz.

The secret is the special fabric that Reflecto bags are made from.

It contains 0.050 mm Cu & Sn metal thread. The thread covers the whole bag and makes a reflecting net that blocks and reflects the electromagnetic waves.